Monday, September 30, 2013

9-23 & 9-30-13

Sorry I am a great big slacker at getting Ryan's emails out.  So I am sending last weeks and this weeks together.  Also a picture of him with the girl whose baptism they spoke at.  I added a pic of him and his old companion.  They were on exchanges friday and stopped by a member's home who loves the two of them.  She used to text me pics of them all the time so she took this one and said 
I had these 2 stop by today. I let them wear my hats I got in China. They enjoyed posing with my puppy as a pretend food source. They are so funny. Dorks. I think they are my fav. team thats ever been in Cruces.
This week was really good our lesson count is going up which is great because it means we are helping more and more people. This Sunday was probably one of my favorite so far on the mission haha. On Saturday we went to go and contact this former investigator that I had tried to teach before and she was there and talked with us a bunch and we invited her to church but really didn’t expect much because we had invited her before and she never came. So  we were greeting people at church and I turn around and I see her family walk in the other door and sit down I was so excited to see her there.  She told us she wants to be baptized that made me so happy. Then after church we were about to leave when the Rio Grande elders grabbed us and were like hey wait there is someone here that wants to talk to your bishop. So we go and talk to our bishop to come help us and she was like well actually maybe you can help me. Right now I’m catholic and I want to change religions I have already read the book of mormon I really like it. It brought a lot of joy to me, but I don’t really understand it so I was wondering how I become part of your church. That just made may day even better .We  have been seeing so many miracles I know that if you have faith and ask heavenly father for help he will be there and will bless us with everything we ask for as long as it is his will. We have been seeing so many great things lately we do have almost all the furniture we need we just need one more desk and some kitchen chairs. last p day we went to this place called western boot and they had the most awesome cowboy cut suit i have ever seen but you would be so proud i didn’t get it haha. Our district has been doing really good everyone is teaching a lot or the areas are getting better and better every week. I’m super excited the one thing that kinda stinks is elder Simpson goes home in 3 weeks so i don’t think he will be able to see the people be baptized, but who knows thinks can always change. on wed i learned the best way to pull weeds we were helping this person clear this huge lot when the neighbor came over and was like when i have alot of weeds i just put a pallet with weight on back so we put weights on the pallet and hooked it to the truck and drove around the lot it was awesome it just pulled them right up haha. welp that is the fun stuff that went on this week. we dont really have to much planned for today so we will see what we do haha. i hope you get better and have a great week. Love you so much.
Love Elder Fenner

Everything is going great!!  This past week was really good. On Wed we had zone conference and it was so good. There were a couple quotes I really liked.  One was whenever you are going to do something bad or not do something that you should, like talk to someone think about the question Jesus asked Peter. Do You Love Me? Then think about how much. And then the other quote was from Sister Miller, I have been working hard, but whenever I don’t want to do something she told us to be the missionary your mom thinks you are haha I thought that was really good. Then we were going to teach one of our new investigators Jaclyn but she cancelled and then she rescheduled.  I’m super excited for her. I think after this lesson we will set a baptismal date.   On Saturday we had a crazy day.   In the morning we decided to go to find people at yard sales and the first one we went to the people already knew who we were and talked to us for a while, that was awesome.   As we were leaving this old couple came and they stopped us and told us they had a grandson on a mission, but there not members and told us they want to take us to lunch sometime and talk to us about our church so that should be awesome. Then we went to visit some less actives then on our way back we got a call from a lady that we activated and her daughter was getting baptized.  She was freaking out because the church was locked and nobody was there and we got there and told her that her clock was fast so she wasn't freaking out anymore haha. We gave talks at the baptism which was really fun. Then after that we went to visit Hannah and we taught the first lesson and set a date with her for October 26th I’m so excited it should be awesome. oh yeah going back we were invited to do a Mormon helping hands project Sat morning, but we couldn't because we said we would talk at the baptism  I think the Lord knew we needed to be here so we could meet the people we did on Sat.  Then to top the week off on Sunday we get to dinner and they told us that we were having green chilli brisket which is awesome and my favorite haha. welp that was my week. i hope you have a great week. Love you so much.
Love elder Fenner

Monday, September 9, 2013

one last picture


Sorry I have been such a slacker at posting Elder Fenner's letter, but I will try to be better.

Well before I forget my new address is regency point apartments 3000 majestic rdg. Apt #33, Las Cruces, New Mexico. Now I’m going to answer your questions. No i think I’m alright I don’t need the new shoulder bag, thanks though. I’m doing great!  We actually did play at white sands bare foot. It wasn't too hot I think because it was early in the day and the days are starting to cool down which is nice. That family that sent you the pic last night is awesome he is the CEO of the hospital around here and they are so funny. So we moved into our new apt and had nothing but beds and this family went and bought us a bunch of stuff and it helped out a ton. I’m expecting something bad to happen to me health wise because the ward I’m in is full of every kind of doctor you can imagine haha im just kidding don’t worry haha.  Everyone here is awesome though I have really started to like this ward. They have helped us so much. We are just trying to get them to be a little more missionary minded but I think we are doing pretty good with that there isn't really to many people we are teaching right now we are trying to find a lot and get the members involved because that is the best way to find  usually when an investigator has a friend in the church they are more likely to stay active and keep commitments but I know things will be good. my new comp is Elder Simpson he is pretty cool haha he is super funny I’m sad he will be going home in 5 weeks but we will make this the best 5 weeks of his mission.  So for the most part everything is going really good the ward is really wanting to help us out and we are putting together a ward mission plan so that they will know how they can help us out. I hope all is well out there everything is going good out here Love you so much.
Elder Fenner

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Dear Family,
  Things are going so much better I think there was alot of things going into play with what was going on. One thing was everyone was cancelling appointments and not being home so we haven't been teaching a lot and that was frustrating,  but this next week we have a lot of stuff planned so I’m super excited. another thing is I felt that there was something I could be doing better,  but I have come to the realization that as long as I’m trying my hardest and trying to become my best that is all I can do.  One thing that has really motivated me is Zach Webb told me he wished he could go on a mission and he wants me to kinda serve for him so I wrote a note in my planner that says mission X2 for Zach and that has really motivated me to help me keep pushing on.   Also me taking over the area was really stressful there is still tons of people I don’t know but it has helped me a ton.     Everything is going good we actually have a new investigator  that I think has a lot of potential so I’m excited to continue to teach him. his name is Eric and he is a native.  His boss is a member and told him that the book of Mormon is about his people in ancient times and he told him that he would really like one so we are going to teach him this Saturday.   Last Sat we gave him a book and were going to teach him but he didn't know his gf made plans for them.  So we talked to him about it and he seemed super excited so I can’t wait to talk to him again on Saturday. Things are going much better as people are coming home for school and what not.  Anyway I feel a lot happier we are in a weight loss comp right now with some other elders and I’m winning right now so i just got to keep it up for the next few weeks actually we are kinda doing this so that we can eventually get in the habit of staying healthy. its kinda hard as a missionary because the members always give us desert and what not haha but we do are best. Thank you so much for your support, prayers and love they have helped me a lot. I love and miss you guys so much, but I am grateful for this gospel and the chance I have to share it with the people of New Mexico.
Love Elder Fenner

Monday, July 1, 2013


Well I don’t believe it is hotter there than here, weathermen lie haha.  It was 120 one day last week.  It was so hot I was sweating so bad, but monsoon season is starting so that is good. Haha.   We had our first storm last night and its good because there has been some crazy fires around here. Everything is going great I am learning so much especially because we are going to have to start changing our style of teaching. Like when we are giving tours of the church and what not.  The number one thing I have learned is that you need to be as obedient as possible even for the smallest of rules.  We got ipads today haha jk, but it may happen soon.  We got an email saying they were setting up some 4g lte thing or something so who knows what’s going on.  My talk went really well. It is really good because all the members really like us now and want to help us. I talked on obedience and how it is so important and what kind of attitude we need to have when being obedient haha.. I love it down here a member taught me how to bull ride and how to calf rope so that was fun. Our investigators are just about the same not much has changed with them though we are praying for a miracle with a part member family.  They are the best. I know this gospel is true and you need to obey every rule with exactness and when you mess up repent immediately,  then try to do better next time.   Jesus Christ is always there to help us.   So anyway that was my week. I love you so much and hope you have a great week.
Love Elder Fenner